Our business located in Adelaide, South Australia.




We are qualified in seafood processing. We are capable of sourcing seafood from fisherman and farms, then process them into the products according to what our customers need.



We are experienced in packing and stocking, various packing method based on different boxes, different standards are provided.



As a practised exporter, we offer full-range services, generate the export documents, arrange flights as well as insurances.



Seafood Exporters Australia

'For us to continue enjoying the fresh and healthy harvest from Australia's oceans we must ensure that our commitment to aquaculture sustainability remains at the forefront of what we do at SEA.'

'Australian Seafood Packed Fresh Export Ready!' Committed to international sustainable aquaculture farming standards; Sourced and exported the freshest premium quality seafood; Devoted to preserve and protect the ocean environment.

SEA oysters and seafood is recognised internationally for their uncompromising quality. SEA harvest seafood from clean fresh Australian oceans and from aquaculture producers committed to sustainable seafood practices. As one of Australia's leading exporters, SEA produce comes from oceans located along the South Australian coast, it is harvested and delivered globally within 72 hours. Internationally renowned for its best practice in seafood sustainability, innovation and excellence Seafood Exporters Australia's seafood is quite simply the best.

Seafood Exporters Australia's processing facility is located at Wingfield in South Australia. Wingfield is 12km from the airport and situated on the direct route from the aquaculture farming regions where fresh seafood is harvested. The new 640 square metre processing facility processes up to 10 tonne of fresh seafood a week.

Contacts Info

  •   +61 (8) 8262 2788
  •   U3/287 Cormack Road, Wingfield, SA, 5021
  •   sales@seafoodexpoters.com.au


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